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UNESCO — General History of Africa
Volume V
Africa from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

List of Plates

  1. Cover page A photomontage of an African loincloth dating from 1656, a calabash used for divination connected with royal authority (Angola) and an ivory horn (Congo)
  2. Negro slaves washing for diamonds in Brazil
  3. Sale of slaves in the Rotunda, New Orleans
  4. The political cartoon, ‘Men and Brothers!!’
  5. Leather sandal, made in the Kano area
  6. Leather bag from the Timbuktu region
  7. Plan and cross-section of a European slaving ship
  8. Spanish coin with heads of Ferdinand and Isabella
  9. Negro slaves in Brazil, c. 1870
  10. Negro slaves in the West Indies, c. 1833
  11. Slaves being loaded onto a European slaving ship
  12. General Thomas Alexandre Dumas, 1762-1806
  13. Phyllis Wheatley, who became a distinguished poet
  14. Benjamin Banneker, who became a well-respected mathematician
  15. Toussaint L'Ouverture of Haiti
  16. Malik Ambar, an African king in India
  17. Sultan Selim I, conqueror of Egypt
  18. The Janissaries, in a sixteenth-century Turkish miniature
  19. Burial chamber of Ibrahim, Agha of the Janissaries c. 1062/1652
  20. The mosque of Mahmūd Pasha, 975/1568 The īwān of the mosque of Ahmad al-Burdainī, 1025/1616-1038/1629
  21. The main room in Djamāluddīn al-Dahabī's house, 1047/1637
  22. The screen in Djamaluddin al-Dahabī's house, 1047/1637
  23. 'Alī Bey, vice-regent of Egypt
  24. The mosque of Muhammad Bey Abu'l-Dahab, 1188/1774
  25. The port of Sawakin, in a nineteenth-century engraving
  26. A sugar-loaf mould from the Chichawa sugar mill
  27. Sultan Mawlāy Ismā'īl
  28. A letter from the correspondence between Sultan Mawlāy Ismā'īl and Shaykh al-Islām Sidī Muhammad al-Fasī
  29. Walad Dāwūd Aït Hamū or Mansūr Kasaba
  30. Earthenware vase from the Kallaline district
  31. A Tunisian-made, eleven-stringed lute
  32. View of the city and port of Algiers
  33. View of the city and port of Tripoli
  34. Algerian embroidered scarf
  35. Wedding chest from Kabylia, Algeria
  36. Ceramic panel from the Kallaline district
  37. The city of Constantine
  38. Silver conical headdress from Algeria
  39. Part of a street in Ghadames, Libya
  40. Living room in a house in Ghadames, Libya
  41. Saint-Louis, at the mouth of the River Senegal
  42. Trophy of weapons and objects from Senegal
  43. A Wolof chief in his residence
  44. Warriors from Wālo
  45. Fulbe woman of the Futa Jallon
  46. The old mosque at Labe, Futa Jallon
  47. General view of Timbuktu
  48. A Songhay village
  49. Tyi-wara antelope headdress
  50. Travellers approaching Timbuktu
  51. A mosque in Timbuktu
  52. Soninke statuette of a kneeling hermaphrodite
  53. Mossi statuette commemorating a female ancestor
  54. General view of Kongo
  55. Market traders under a banyan tree
  56. Carved ivory salt-cellar from Sherbro Island Carved ivory hunting-horn from Sherbro Island
  57. Fort St. George at El Mina
  58. West African weaving
  59. Akan brass weights for weighing gold-dust
  60. Nana Otuo Siriboe II
  61. Bronze commemorative head from Benin
  62. Brass commemorative head of an oba from Benin
  63. Yoruba female statuette
  64. Bronze mask from Benin
  65. Bronze plaque of a warrior from Benin
  66. Bronze plaque of a chieffrom Benin
  67. Hausa loin-cloth
  68. Hausa robe worn by men
  69. Façade of a Birni house in Zinder
  70. Miniature Hausa Kur'an
  71. Bornoan weaver making cotton strips
  72. A wall of the Mai's summer palace at Gambaru
  73. Reception of the Denham-Clapperton mission in Borno
  74. Head in volcanic tuff, Uele
  75. Kuba royal statuette
  76. Fang mask
  77. Ngunie-style mask from Gabon
  78. Kuba statuette in wrought iron, c. 1515
  79. Kuba anvil
  80. Yombe pottery
  81. San Salvador, the capital of Kong
  82. Nzimbu vessel
  83. Kongo noblemen of the Kingdom of Loango
  84. Court of the King of Loango, 1668
  85. The port of Luanda in the seventeenth century
  86. The city of San Paulo of Luanda in the 1640s
  87. Tiled panel from the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth, Luanda, 1665
  88. Detail from above, showing the head of King Antonio I
  89. Tiled panel from the Church of Our Lady of Nazareth, Luanda, showing the battle of Mbwila
  90. Ruins of the former bishop's palace, Mbanza Kongo, 1548
  91. Ndongo mask from Loango
  92. Lemba medicine-chest made of bark
  93. Hemba, Zaire: monoxyloid caryatid seat
  94. Kuba, central Zaire: cephalomorphic ritual cup
  95. Luba, southern Zaire: the knob of a ceremonial cane
  96. Luba, Zaire: ceremonial weapon
  97. Luba, Zaire: the knob of a cane, in the form of a scarified woman with a pearl necklace
  98. Luba, Zaire: the knob of a cane, in the form of a scarified woman with her hands on her shoulders
  99. Chokwe, Angola and Zaire: a wooden ritual bed
  100. Mask used by the Nyau Secret Society
  101. The royal stool of Chief Kanyenda of Nkhota-Kota
  102. The remains of a Tumbuka iron-smelting kiln
  103. A Tumbuka-made iron hoe
  104. Ruins in the Matendere area
  105. Mutoko-type ruins
  106. An eighteenth-century engraving of Mutapa
  107. Musimbira-type ruins
  108. Father Conçalo da Silveira
  109. Decorative walling at Danangombe
  110. Gonaqua huntsman
  111. Khoi Khoi farmers threshing grain
  112. Khoi Khoi family herding cattle
  113. A Namaqua family
  114. The castle at Gondar, built by the Emperor Fasiladas
  115. Coptic painting of the Virgin and Child, Gondar
  116. Coptic painting of St George and the dragon, Gondar
  117. Wall painting in the church of Dabra Bizan, Gondar
  118. Coptic fresco of hell and the devil, in the church of Dabra Birhan, Gondar
  119. Former church bell from Tigre, used as a sacral ox-bell
  120. The walls ofWolayta, southern Ethiopia
  121. Carved door, Zanzibar
  122. Fort Jesus, Mombasa, built in 1593-4
  123. Roundel from a mosque at Vumba Kū
  124. The Great Siwa of Mwinyi Mkū, Zanzibar
  125. The sacred wood of Bunywankoko in Nkoma Bog
  126. Objects from the tomb of Cyirima Rujugira
  127. The sanctuary of Banga in Mugamba
  128. Ancient royal drums in the sanctuary of Banga in Mugamba
  129. Forging hoes
  130. Kamba statuette of a female figure, made of wood
  131. Etienne de Flacourt, governor of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, 1648-58
  132. Bara ethnic group of Ambusitra, south-eastern Madagascar: memorial statue called alualu

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