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UNESCO — General History of Africa
Volume VIII
Africa since 1935

List of Figures

  1. The political map of Africa in 1935
  2. Major mineral resources in Southern Africa
  3. Italy's territorial claims in Africa (1940 plans)
  4. The financing of capital investment in French-speaking black
  5. Africa and Madagascar, 1946-73, in billions of 1960 constant CFA francs
  6. SCOA's profits, 1910-60
  7. Investment and savings in Africa, 1960-83, excluding oil-exporting countries
  8. Regional and sub-regional organizations for co-operation and integration in Africa
  9. The risk of desert advance in Africa as recorded after the UN conference on desertification, 1977
  10. The distribution of cattle in Africa, with an inset map showing the main tsetse areas
  11. Patterns of international labour migration in Africa, 1946-52
  12. Major mineral workings in Africa
  13. The distribution of cash crops in Africa
  14. A pre-colonial city: Ondo
  15. Trends in per capita food production: the world, the LDCs and Africa (base 1974-6)
  16. MULPOC regional groupings in Africa
  17. Regional economic groupings in Africa
  18. West Africa: Highway Master Plan (ECA/ECOWAS)
  19. Eastern and Southern Africa Preferential Trade Area: Highway Master Plan
  20. Distribution of Christianity, Islam and traditional African religion in Africa, where each religion claims so per cent or more of the country's population
  21. Distribution of official languages in Africa
  22. School enrolment in Africa, 1960-80, adjusted gross enrolment ratios by level
  23. School enrolment in Africa, 1960 and 1980, adjusted gross enrolment ratios by level and sex
  24. Trends in primary-school enrolment in Africa, 196o-80, showing primary population and primary enrolment in millions, together with the adjusted gross primary enrolment ratio (percentage)
  25. Togoland in 1919 — Franco-British Declaration, London, 10 July 1919
  26. The Congo-Léopoldville (now Zaire)
  27. Algeria
  28. The United Nations System

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